Actuation Airspring Advantages


Low Design Height

In comparison to conventional pneumatic cylinders, air actuators contain no piston rod, making it possible to reduce the design height considerably. This allows compact constructions to be made.


Air actuators perform efficiently even when operating in difficult conditions. There are no sliding sealing elements. So air actuators perform maintenance-free even under adverse environments including dirt, dust, granular materials, sediments, etc.


Air actuators are highly durable in dynamic applications. They are unaffected by weathering, environmentally induced factors and numerous chemicals. Air acutators have been tried and tested in the production of commercial and passenger vehicles as well as rolling stock. They have a long service life even when subjected to large loads.

Smooth operation

Air actuators have no parts or seals that move against each other. Consequently, there is no breakaway friction to overcome (stick-slip-effect), so the actuators respond immediately and uniformly even to small variations in pressure.

Tilt motion

Tilt motion without adapter

Depending on the type, air actuators can be used for tilt angles up to 30°. This enables the designer to simplify the articulated construction.

Lateral misalignment possible

Air actuators will continue to operate reliably with a misalignment of up to 20 mm. Unlike actuators based on pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, air springs have no seals that are subject to blockage or wear. In addition, there is no need for precision guides which are sensitive to the effects of dust and other contaminants.

Low cost

Low purchasing costs

The purchasing costs are considerably less than for conventional pneumatic cylinders. And thanks to the long service life and freedom from maintenance, running costs are reduced as well.

Easy installation

When unpressurized, air actuators can be installed quickly and easily, thereby saving time and money. They are flexible enough to compensate for any slight misalignments.

High operational safety

Air actuators can operate with oil-free compressed air and can therefore be used for special applications such as in the food industry. As stipulated by safety standards, the burst pressure is several times greater than the maximum working pressure.

Resistance to various media

Although designed primarily to be operated pneumatically using compressed air, air actuators can be operated equally well with other gaseous media such as nitrogen. At low pressures, hydraulic media such as water and glycol can be used as well.