Isolation Air Spring Advantages

Toolern Airsprings Firestone

Constant operating height

  • The operating height of isolation air springs can be adjusted via the air pressure, regardless of the load.
  • There is no static deflection as with other spring components.
  • A user-friendly, automatically functioning control system, guarantees a uniform operating height, even in the case of alternating loads.
Toolern Airsprings Firestone

Lateral stability

  • Isolation air springs have excellent lateral stability. Isolators attain a lateral rigidity of up to 100% of the vertical rigidity, depending on the type.
Toolern Airsprings Firestone

Load-independent isolation properties

  • The spring stiffness is proportional to the load capacity.
  • Vibration isolation is virtually independent of the load, so natural frequencies remain constant even with fluctuating loads.
  • The broad load range of air isolators provides possibilities for standardizing the spring types in assembly families.
Toolern Airsprings Firestone

Low installation height

  • Air isolators have a low design height and no static deflection.