Air Beams

Powered by air bearings, air beams are a great way of moving heavy loads that require a low profile device to engage them.

These air beams have a profile height of just 5 cms allowing them to fit right under loads that would not normally accept such a device. Beam length varies from 4ft to 12 ft, and widths from 1 ft to 4ft. Used in sets of two or more air beams, each beam has a lifting capacity of up to 30 tons.

Air beams are generally used where load length varies while width remains the same.

Lift-Deck Beam Sets

Lift Deck Beam Sets

Lift-deck beam sets are similar to air beams except that they have a lift-deck incorporated into the top of the beams. This arrangement allows the beams sets to be used in the normal way but floating their loads across the floor surface. However, by having a lift-deck incorporated into the structure, you can engage a heavy load and lift it clear of its base before moving it away.

Lift Deck Beams Sets are able to move under a load (similar to a pallet truck) that is set on a low-profile pallet, then lift the pallet off the floor using the air lifter facility in the upper beam decks.

Once the pallet is lifted off the floor, the main air bearings can be activated to allow you to float the load off to its destination. The lifting capabilities of these units would be ideal for companies that have their own customized pallets or other similar load platforms.