Air Bearing Systems

Do you need assistance with odd shaped loads with disproportionate weight distribution?

Hovair air bearing systems can move heavy, cumbersome loads and equipment easier and faster by using frictionless air.  The air bearings and casters work in a similar way to a hovercraft, floating its load on a thin film of air between the load and the floor, making it a great way to move your heavy loads with the least possible effort.

Air Caster Modules

Round Steel
Square Aluminum
Low Profile
Stainless Steel Low Profile

Load Capacities

A standard single 12-inch air bearing is capable of lifting around 450kg on its own. When used in a normal system of four linked caster modules this capacity is raised to 1.8 tons.

A heavy duty 48-inch air bearing can easily lift 30 tons on its own, so when coupled with a system of four, it will increase to a lifting capacity of over 120 tons.

By using sets of different air bearing sizes and air pressures, we are able to supply systems than can easily lift over 200 tons and more.


Here are some of the benefits to using air bearings and casters in load moving equipment:

  • Precise Positioning
    Get your loads into places forklifts and cranes cannot.  Omnidirectional for convenient alignment in limited space locations. Enables pinpoint accuracy in positioning your load to an exact location.  Low profile equipment which requires less than 8 cm of clearance height.
  • Variable Job Configurations
    Choice of air film kit systems with load modules and optional remote control units, as well as all fittings and hoses required to set you up quickly.  Combine three or more modules together to form an air film system that will fit and move any size or shape load.  Add or place modules at virtually any area of load – perfect for odd shaped loads, or loads that have unevenly distributed weight. Modular systems allow you to add more modules to suit each individual load.
  • Unlimited Capacities:
    Standard air film systems can handle loads up to 100 tonnes – starting at just ½ tonne.  Heavy duty systems are also available with unlimited lifting and moving capacities.  Air Beams – used in pairs – can lift up to 30 tons
    per beam. Transporters can lift from 1 to 120 tonnes.  Heavy duty transporters with 300 tonne capacities.
  • Environmentally friendly – Powered by compressed air.
  • Affordable & cost-effective
  • Doesn’t Damage Floors – Great for clean rooms.
  • Easy to Use – Anyone can use – no special training required.