Air Pallets

Air Pallets are ideal for situations that require heavy load moving of standard shapes and sizes. They are equipped with a push handle assembly at the rear which allows the operator tighter control of the operational settings. The push handle assembly houses:

  • twin handlebar grips
  • trigger switch to start and stop operation
  • main air inlet from shop air supply
  • and air balancing valves to ensure that all air bearings are receiving the correct amount of air in relation to the weight of the load and the condition of the floor on which the air pallet is operating.

Air pallets have a low profile of around 5+ cm, and are easily moved on a thin film of air that is created when the air bearings are powered by regular compressed shop air.

Omni-directional control is a breeze for just one person (for loads of up to 3 tons) via the handlebars on the push assembly.

Air pallets are able to move heavy loads from just 225kg to 20+ tons and are available in many width sizes.

Aluminium Transporters

An alternative to multiple module systems, these transporters are the perfect solution to moving heavy loads with fixed widths and lengths.

Aluminium transporter pallets are available in a variety of sizes starting around 4ft x 3ft.

The choice of air bearing fitted to your transporter will depend on the type of load you are looking to move and its weight. A standard 4ft x 3ft model will contain 4 A-type air bearings with a combined lifting capacity of 2 tons.

Transporters can be fitted with A-type and B-type air bearings. Push handle is optional.