Truck/Cab Application

Air suspension is fitted to all types of trucks with great success. The air springs are designed for a wide variety of applications on the front, rear and trailing axle, as well as on the leading axle of semitrailer trucks.

Air Spring vs. Steel Spring

The advantage that air-spring cab suspension has over conventional steel-spring suspension is that of a low natural frequency, which greatly enhances a commercial vehicle’s riding comfort. So-called sleeve air springs are the type normally used in truck and tractor cab suspension. Depending on space availability and the design of add-ons, they can be set up directly with the vibration damper as a one-piece spring strut or alternatively installed in parallel arrangement to the dampers.

As a rule air springs used for cab suspension are arranged as four-corner suspension between the driver’s cab and the chassis frame. In addition to improving comfort, air-spring cab suspension offers the advantage that a manufacturer can use a uniform component regardless of customer variant and equipment preferences. The air spring equalizes any force differences as may occur because of differences in cabin weight (raised roof, air-conditioning system etc.) or driving speed. It does this by means of a control valve that automatically varies the internal pressure in such a way that the driver’s cab is statically always in the manufacturer’s specified design position vis-à-vis the vehicle chassis.

Technology of the Future from ContiTech

Each LFD consists of two or three chambers depending on the application and service conditions, and unites the functions of an air spring and damper in one single component.

Designed for use in air-sprung driver’s seats and cab suspensions, LFD technology

  • Geater ride comfort due to frequency-selective damping and automatic weight-related damping performance
  • Low wear and a long service life
  • Environmentally safer because damper fluid is not needed
  • Air is used as a medium for optimum suspension and damping performance

Train Application

The air suspension in modern chassis is a combination of finely tuned assemblies: the air spring bellows and the rubber-metal bearer spring, which supports the system especially when there is torsional strain and large horizontal excursions. It also absorbs a portion of the vertical deflection and reacts as an emergency spring.

ContiTech and Phoenix air spring systems play a key role in the secondary suspension. It’s all a matter of the air: air springs have a low natural frequency, which minimizes the transmission of vibrations. Another advantage is the constant leveling function which maintains the vehicle body at a consistent height – regardless whether it is full of passengers or empty. And with the pneumatic height control, the train car exits can be adapted precisely to the height of the station platform.

An outstanding feature of the system is the combination of the rubber-metal auxiliary spring integrated in the air spring. Using this technology, we can develop system configurations for a wide variety of bogies and vehicle body models. We select a type of bellows suitable for the individual application and then tailor the auxiliary spring to match it precisely. This diverse range of design possibilities covers all conceivable applications.


  • Increase in ride comfort thanks to pneumatic suspension irrespective of the load conditions
  • Reduction in structure-borne noise transmission from the bogie to the carbody
  • Adjustment of the vehicle height at different loads
  • Stabilisation of running dynamics

Bus Application

Buses make good use of the advantages of air springs to achieve a consistently high degree of ride comfort and constant entry/exit height irrespective of load. This generally involves fitting two air springs to the front axle and four to the rear axle.

By means of air spring systems, newer bus designs permit the lowering of one vehicle side at bus stops, thereby helping elderly or handicapped people to get on and off.

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