Heavy Load Transporter Systems

Hovair Systems Heavy Duty Air Transporters and Heavy Load Movers are the big boys on the block when it comes to heavy load moving equipment. Designed to lift and move heavy loads up to 300 tons and beyond, these transporters offer tremendous power and versatility. Recognized as one of the first choices for moving such equipment as heavy transformers and giant aerospace components, these heavy duty air transporters are rock solid in operation with the ability to lift and move 300 tons with pin-point precision and accuracy.

Heavy duty air transporters are available with capacities ranging from as little as 15 tons, and with many options such as lift-deck units, built-in steering and guide control, external tugger control, and joystick or wireless operation.

All heavy duty transformer and load movers are powered by a series of air bearings incorporated into a lower deck. Steering is by way of integral drives which offer pin-point accuracy in positioning as well as true omni-directional and 360º control. Standard transporters offer a flat deck area with pendant control.

Options available include a lift-deck assembly – powered by air bearing lifters – which allows the transporter to slide under the load and lift it away from its berth before moving to its destination. Tugger power control is also available for smaller transporters, and offers motorized steering and air delivery control. Operational control is usually by way of joystick control unit or a wireless control panel.