Locomotive Industry

When extreme conditions push components to their limits, not a single detail development must ever be left to chance.

That’s why the ContiTech have the world’s only test laboratory for air spring systems in rail vehicles, which has been officially certified as independent. Twelve test processes relevant to the rail industry have been accredited under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

In the test laboratory, we scientifically simulate every conceivable situation well beyond what is actually required. In addition to test benches for dynamic, static and even burst pressure tests, all stresses can be reconstructed and authentically tested using vehicle operation data.

We conduct characteristic curve checks and destructive tests to precisely determine product properties. Thanks to sophisticated time-lapse tests under extreme conditions, can make binding statements on product lifetime. All results are directly incorporated into the product development. In this way, the requirements of our customers based on extensive test data from an accredited laboratory can be met directly.

To ensure maximum safety for millions of passengers. Now and in the future.

To find out more about the Contitech air springs for industrial use, please contact us on (03)9743-1209 or email us at info@toolern.com.au