At Phoenix, rubber technology has a long tradition. Phoenix got started in Hamburg in 1856 with the founding of the “Gummifabrik Albert & Louis Cohen”. It quickly developed into a highly productive company in the European rubber industry. Worldwide the winged rhombus in the Phoenix logo became a prominent trademark in the rubber industry for many products – for example, tires, conveyor belts, hoses, metal-to-rubber-bonded connections and air springs. For more than fifty years now, the Phoenix brand has been marketing air springs for commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, trailers and semi trailers).

Our complete replacement range encompasses air spring systems for use throughout the commercial vehicle. These include trucks (trucks/road tractors), buses, trailers/semi trailers, cabs and driver seats

Truck air suspension

Nowadays, heavy range trucks in particular (> 16t) are equipped with air springs as a matter of course.
Increasingly, however, manufacturers are also equipping even medium range trucks (7.5–16 t) with air springs.
Air suspension systems in buses Some 50 years ago, it was determined that air springs could be used to enhance comfort in buses, and were
thus put into standard production. Nowadays, almost 100 % of buses in Europe are equipped with air springs. In this case, the air springs not only ensure a high level of ride comfort but also a constant vehicle height. Furthermore, they are offering the opportunity of lowering
the bus when passengers are boarding or deboarding.

Modern trailers

Trailers and semi trailers are now almost exclusively equipped with air suspension in order to protect the cargo and the vehicle’s body as well as to guarantee safe driving characteristics. It is now also common knowledge that semi trailers with air suspension do much less damage to roads than trailers with steel suspension do
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