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Lexus – LX 470 (with AHC)


Rear Kit 2000 – 2007 – Model OA 6005
No-Drill Airbag Mount

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airbags provide a superior adjustable full air suspension for most vans, utes, 4WDs and SUVs Airbags are used for front to rear and side to side levelling control of a vehicle . This enables a vehicle to level up when towing caravans, boats and trailers or when a vehicle or truck is carrying heavy, uneven loads- providing full adjustability for off road or passenger loading.

•    Maintain a level vehicle- adjustable
•    Ability to lower a vehicle when loading
•    Maximise the safe load carrying capacity
•    Increase vehicle stability
•    Improve steering and balance
•    Improve ride quality
•    Greatly reduce bottoming out
•    Keep headlights aimed on the road
•    Reduce tyre wear.


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